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F-Numbers Table ASME IX

by | Aug 2, 2020 | ASME IX, Welding


The following F‐Number grouping of electrodes and welding rods in Table QW-432 is based essentially on their usability characteristics, which fundamentally determine the ability of welders to make satisfactory welds with a given filler metal. This grouping is made to reduce the number of welding procedure and performance qualifications, where this can logically be done. The grouping does not imply that base metals or filler metals within a group may be indiscriminately substituted for a metal that was used in the qualification test without consideration of the compatibility of the base and filler metals from the standpoint of metallurgical properties, postweld heat treatment design and service requirements, and mechanical properties.


  1. According to ASME BPVC.IX-2019, Table QW-430