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WPQ – Qualified Thickness & Diameter Limits ASME IX

by | May 11, 2020 | ASME IX, Welding


  1. According to ASME BPVC.IX-2019, Table QW-452.1(b) – Thickness of weld metal qualified​
  2. According to ASME BPVC.IX-2019, Table QW-452.3 – Groove weld diameter limits
  3. t – (weld thickness) the Thickness of Weld Metalis the total weld metal thickness deposited by all welders and all processes in the test coupon exclusive of the weld reinforcement.
  4. WQT / WPQ – Welder Qualification Test / Welder Performance Qualifications.
  5. QW-142 SPECIAL EXAMINATIONS FOR WELDERS. Radiographic or Ultrasonic examination per QW-191 may be substituted for mechanical testing of QW-141 for groove‐weld performance qualification as permitted in QW-304 to prove the ability of welders to make sound welds.