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Software for Welding Engineer

Welding is the largely practiced joining process in the industry. It’s a largely discussed subject also especially in petrochemicals, oil & gas, energy and refinery sectors. This is due to the fact that a variety of materials need to be joined on frequent basis. Looking quickly at their properties and suggested parameters during their welding, is a job to do. It involves looking at
more than one reference.

Narrowing down to the needs of the people serving these sectors, WeldPulse has been smartly designed to act as your companion in welding. It contains well organized data which enables user to make a welding decision with confidence. While using WeldPulse, one does not have to move from his desk and look for different references to make a correct welding decision. Everything related to the materials to be welded is available within WeldPulse.
Program contains 80% of the materials being used in petrochemical industry and are taken by ASME in their construction and welding codes.

It provides ready-to-weld data for over 90% of the materials included in database. That readyto-weld data contains applicable electrode and filler wire for the most commonly used welding processes that is SMAW and GTAW along with pre-heat, interpass and post weld heat treatment requirements against the construction codes used in petrochemicals. This data is suggested by WeldPulse and can be changed by the user to the most appropriate by looking at the material and filler properties in supporting modules. This feature makes WeldPulse special and more helpful especially for those working with a variety of materials. Along with this, WeldPulse assigns a welding profile to the user. This feature helps individuals of all levels of experience as the software transforms itself to their needs.